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Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

I see it staring at me, open mouthed, as I sit on the couch. That little Medtronic box that came 17 days ago, with the Minilink Continuous Glucose Sensor I’ve been trying to get approved for 6 months. I must have read the literature that came with it at least 5 times cover-to-cover by now (I’m a dork, I like to read instruction manuals). It’s just killing me that I can’t start using it until I’m “trained by a professional”. It would have been really nice to have on my bike ride last Saturday, so I might have anticipated that low that was seemingly impervious to Powerbar Gel and Gatorade. It would be great to have now, so that I can figure out what nightime basals need to be adjusted to avoid these morning lows I’ve been having. Obviously all the exercise I’ve been doing lately is battling with my dawn phenomenon, but it’s really hard to know when it’s dropping.

(On a side note, I’m not sure dawn phenomenon is really an accurate term. My highest basals start at 2am. I guess it’s dawn somewhere in the eastern Atlantic at that time, but for me, it’s still sleepytime)

Anyway, I’m finally meeting with the Medtronic rep next Wednesday for my training. I understand that they’re busy, and in the grand scheme of things, these few weeks are nothing compared to the amount of time I’ve waited since my coverage battle with Blue Cross Blue Shield began in December of  last year. Still, it sucks having this thing sitting there, knowing that I can’t use it yet. I’m almost positive I could figure everything out myself, but the rules say I have to be trained first. Until then, I guess that box will just continue to sit there and amuse our cats. Because, you know, a $1,000 piece of medical equipment is just sooo much more entertaining than that basket of toys 10 feet away.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

P.S. Thanks for all of the comments and new twitter followers! I didn’t realize I had to approve the comments in order for them to appear, until Kerri pointed out that I hadn’t done so. Please pardon my ignorance.

Hello, World!

Hi Everyone! I guess this is where I introduce myself and explain what this blog is about. My name is Harry. I’m 29 years old, and have had Type 1 diabetes for about 17 1/2 years now. I’ve never blogged about it before, but after experiencing the awesomeness that is the Diabetes Online Community through Twitter and the numerous other blogs out there, I felt it was time for me to step out from behind the virtual curtain. Like many of you I’ve seen the benefits of sharing experiences with other diabetics who share the same daily struggles. The internet is an amazing thing, and I’ve already met some wonderful fellow D-people that understand things that “normal people” can’t truly comprehend. Hopefully this blog will reach even more people and make this community even stronger.

You want more about me? Let’s see…for starters, I love music. In fact, the title of my blog is inspired by 25 Minutes To Go, an old Johnny Cash song. And yes, I know the song is about a guy on death row that has 25 minutes before he’s going to be executed. And no, that does not mirror my view on life with diabetes. I just liked the title, okay? I enjoy running and cycling, though I’m not going to make a living doing either one. I like to think I have a good sense of humor, I enjoy sarcasm and witty puns. Although I’m not a very creative writer, I’m a stickler for spelling and grammar, so I’ll probably look back at this later, find a mistake, and hate myself a little bit for it.

I’m not making any promises about how often I’ll update, but I’ll try to jot down a little something whenever I’m able to. I may stray away from diabetes from time to time, but don’t hold it against me…I just have a short attention span. Hopefully you’ll come back soon, when there will be some real content. Until then, tell your friends! If you hate it, tell your enemies! I’ll count the page views either way.