Not off to a good start…

I had a much more lighthearted post that I was working on for today, but I’m just not feeling up to finishing it. Instead, you guys get to hear me bitch about the roller coaster I’ve been on for the last 12 hours. The problems seem to have started when I changed my infusion site after my workout/shower yesterday. Everything felt normal at first, but when I was at 343mg/dl after eating a salad for dinner, I knew something wasn’t right. Not wanting to waste a good infusion set, I took a correction bolus and decided to wait it out. An hour or so later, I was still in the 300s, so I initiated the rage bolus launch sequence. A little while later after still seeing no results, I finally gave in and decided to change the site (this was around 11pm). I set my alarm for a few hours later so I could test and went to sleep. Thankfully I did set the alarm, since I woke up at 2am with a low of 33. I ate a snack (ok, moderately sized meal) and went back to sleep, and when I got up this morning, I was at 140. “Thank goodness, things are finally settled down”, I thought to myself.

So here’s the annoying part: I get to work this morning and test before eating breakfast. The result? 312. WTF? I have had absolutely nothing to eat since 2am, and was only disconnected from the pump for my normal shower time. Correction bolus is hopefully working now, if not, I will be heading back to the house for yet another site change.

On a more positive note, I’m meeting with the Medtronic rep for my CGM training today. I’m just working on how to respond to her instructions.
MM Rep: “Be sure to calibrate the sensor when your bg levels are stable”
Me: “Oooh, slight problem. I don’t have those any more”

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  1. karend1 on

    Sorry you had such a rotten day, 300’s are exhausting.

    Good luck with your CGM training.

    (Whispering) I was not a fan. 😦

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