Aaaand we’re back!

Hi everyone! I’m trying to adjust to normal life again, after a very relaxing week at the beach. I feel very refreshed, and I’ve even managed to achieve a respectable tan along the way (for someone of german/irish heritage, at least). I think my hair got lighter to a greater degree than my skin darkened, but there are worse things than looking like a pink Q-tip, I suppose.
The Big D didn’t throw too many complications into the weekend, although there were some roller-coaster days, likely results of the pump connecting/disconnecting, snacks, and beachy beverages. I had the lowest blood sugar I ever recall having (26mg/dl) and one of the highest in recent memory (411mg/dl) in the same day, so that kind of sucked. I elected not to use the CGM during the week, just so I didn’t have any extra things attached to me at the beach, but in hindsight, there are times I wished I had that additional information. And I only really worked out 1 day, so I’ve got some catching up to do in that department.
I hope everyone had a good week, apart from all the politician infidelity and celebrity deaths and such. I’ve still got a lot of blog/twitter reading to catch up on, but I’m working on it (in addition to coming up with creative ideas of my own). Hopefully you guys will fill me in if I missed anything important.

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