I ain’t as good as I once was…

Ok, first of all, I apologize for resorting to a Toby Keith song for the post title. I’m better than that. I always try to come up with clever titles, but you can’t knock it out of the park every time, I suppose.

Anyway, on to the real topic. This morning I had my semi-annual appointment with my endocrinologist. As far as appointments go, it was really quite painless. I had barely sat down in the waiting room before the nurse came to call me back. I didn’t even have time to twitter about sitting in the waiting room and enduring the excruciating terror that is the CNN morning show. Since the nurse was so quick (probably helped that I was the first patient of the day), I’ll try not to berate him too much for referring to my “machine”. It’s a meter, okay? I already feel enough like a cyborg, you needn’t imply that I’m hauling around an iron lung.

The visit itself was pretty routine, I was weighed (blah) and blood pressured (yay!) and of course we reviewed the menagerie of medications that I take daily. The endo and I had our usual question and answer session, and then we reviewed my lab results from last week. Again, nothing bad, but my A1c has gone up to 6.8 from being 6.5 on my last 2 visits (and 6.3 before that), which is a little disappointing. I didn’t think I was doing any better than before, but I didn’t really think it was worse either. Looking at the sensor/bg data, it’s pretty clear where the problems are occurring: everything is pretty normal and within range, except the nighttime numbers. It’s not really a basal issue, as my morning numbers are fine if I go to bed with decent sugars. It’s just that dinner time is when I get more adventurous with food, and I guess I just haven’t been as accurate with the pre-meal bolus. I usually test before bed and correct if necessary, but I suppose the carbs are still working at that time, so the numbers often still continue to rise. This has become even more of an issue with the marathon training, as it’s hard to really do your best running in the early morning if your blood sugars are off.

Not to sound too complain-y, I just feel like I’m stuck in a bit of a vicious cycle right now. I’m trying to get in better ridiculous shape (and lose weight), which logically would involve more exercise (and less/better food for the weight part). However, the effect of the increased exercise on my blood sugars usually means more food and less insulin, so I feel like I’m chasing 3 different tails at the moment. Maybe if I can catch one, I’ll at least be able to swat at the other two…we’ll see!

It's a vicious cycle..."I eat because I'm unhappy, and I'm unhappy because I eat."

It's a vicious cycle..."I eat because I'm unhappy, and I'm unhappy because I eat."

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  1. Christopher on

    lol. Get. In. Mah. Bell-ay.

    I say focus on the easiest “tail” to catch and go from there. If it’s easier to cut out the extra cookie here and there, start with that. Walk before you can crawl. or something like that right?

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