I don’t understand you, Diabetes

Sometimes you do everything right, and the numbers just don’t add up. In fact, most of the time with diabetes, that seems to be the case. I can’t (and probably don’t have to) tell you how many times I’ve pulled out an infusion set after realizing that is wasn’t working, only to find something that looked as pristine as the moment I took it out of the package.

And then sometimes everything does work right, and you pull this out at the end of a miraculously stable 3-day rotation, and you wonder how in the hell that happened.

Mysterious, non?

6 comments so far

  1. CALpumper aka Crystal on

    Been there. I don’t get it either. Sigh.

  2. Gary on

    Hey! I’ve got a pic just like that! 😉


  3. Karen on

    Well, clearly you have found the answer. A 90-degree angle in your cannula will make the Big D behave! Okay, I guess it’s more like 45-degrees, but still. Now, how to get my set to go in like that??

  4. Jenny on

    You must have amazing muscles to make those thing bend like that… Only get those in the thigh. Meaning my abs are the consistency of butter.


  5. Cherise on

    I’ve been there before. Things that make you go hum!?!?

  6. Scott K Johnso on

    Wow right? Like HOW could that have been delivering insulin?!

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