Marathon Update

Today I finished week 7 of my marathon training plan. The long run for this week was 12 miles, which actually went really well. I was pretty discouraged after the past couple of weeks, so it was good to have a nice run to make me feel like I actually can do this. I missed pretty much the entire week before last because I was sick, and last week’s 10 mile run was only about 7 miles, as a result of bad blood sugars and my body feeling like absolute crap. I think I tried to come back too quickly from the week of illness, and my body just couldn’t take it at the end of the week. Oh well…lesson learned, I guess.

Anyway, I tried a few things different this week. First of all, I really concentrated on keeping my pace down, as I’ve learned the hard way that starting out too hard is a great way to ruin a long run. Secondly, I switched from carrying just water to water AND Gatorade with me. The Gatorade seemed to help with a couple of things…1) after talking with my doctor, I think my problem a few weeks ago was due to an electrolyte deficiency, so that replaced a lot of those. Because like Brawndo, Gatorade has electrolytes! (this makes much more sense if you’ve seen “Idiocracy”. Otherwise, just ignore me)…and 2) by drinking the Gatorade occasionally (in addition to the powerbar gels every 2-3 miles), my blood sugars pretty much rocked the entire time. What’s that, noble reader? You don’t believe me? In that case, I offer the following evidence:


(That little peak at the beginning is pre-run…I woke up a little low so had to bring that up before I could start running. But otherwise, pretty awesome, huh?)

So that’s where I’m at. I’ve got a total of 25 miles to run this week, so I’m going to rest some more now. Take care!

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