Two weeks, no this:

Tap…tap…is this thing still on???

Hey everybody. So things haven’t really gone as I’d hoped since the last post. Despite resting, icing, and everything, my hip pain really hasn’t gotten much better. I’ve pretty much had to put the marathon plans on hold, since I can’t run more than a half mile without the pain forcing me to stop. It’s very disappointing, but it got to a point where I had to look at things realistically and decide that trying to go forward with the training schedule just wasn’t going to happen.

Also, while knowing the cause of the pain may not have affected the outcome, it would be really nice to know exactly what’s wrong. Unfortunately, since I just changed jobs, I don’t have health insurance for the month of November, and thus can not go to the doctor for a diagnosis. I’m sure it’s one of the many overuse injuries that runners are prone to, but I honestly have no idea which one. Really, it doesn’t matter though, as the treatment for all of them is pretty much the same: rest and reduced training.

I’m now halfway through a self-imposed 2 week rest/recovery period. I felt like before I would take a few days off then run again and re-irritate the injury, so I thought it might be best to stay completely off it for a couple of weeks and see how it goes. To be honest, it really sucks. Running 30+ miles a week is hard, but NOT running is even harder. I see people running, and I just get jealous of them. I’m going to miss the Thanksgiving day Turkey Trot this week, which has been a tradition in our household the past few years. And due to the lack of exercise, my blood sugars have been complete crap lately. Not to mention the $85 marathon registration fee that’s now down the drain…

I’m really hoping that the 2 weeks off will allow things to heal and I’ll be able to start running again after Thanksgiving. If not, at least by then I’ll be able to go to the doctor and find out exactly what the problem is. At least there are plenty of Spring marathons, so if things get better soon, I may be able to get on track for one of those. We’ll see!

3 comments so far

  1. Gary on

    Getting better soon Dude. Those breaks in insurance coverage blow! I’ve been there. Not fun at all.

  2. Lee Ann Thill on

    I imagine that since you run, the pain is most likely related to that. In this lifetime, I am not a runner, however I empathize with hip pain. I actually have “frozen shoulder” in my hips, which has been causing me discomfort for the last 17 years. I hope resting makes your pain subside, so you’ll be up and running – literally and figuratively – soon 🙂

  3. Cherise on

    That sucks! You worked soooo hard. Maybe next yr?!?

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