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Where’s Waldo?

Okay, not really Waldo, but my CareLink USB upload device. I swear I spend more time looking for that thing than I do actually using it. I really need to find a consistent place to keep it. The past couple of times, it has ended up under a picture frame on one of our end tables. My wife said this evening that “that’s where it stays!”. That’s not really where it stays, it just so happens that the space underneath that picture frame is just wide enough for the little fella to slide under there, yet the frame is just wide enough that I can’t see it poking out when it’s there. I just don’t know where to put it. I don’t want to store it with the rest of my diabetes supplies, because I need a computer when I use it, and I never have a computer near there. I suppose I could keep it in the basket with all of my iPod cables and such, but I’m afraid it would sink to the bottom and become lost yet again. I just don’t know. Fellow CareLink users, where do you keep yours?

Unrelated “Where’s Waldo” trivia that I learned recently:

– Apparently there’s a movie in development based on the little red and white dude. How they’re going to scrape a plot out of that, I have no idea. Hey, maybe they can just turn it into a 1.5 hour GM commercial like they did with Transformers.

– It seems that everywhere else, it’s known as “Where’s Wally?”, he’s only called “Waldo” in the U.S…which brings to mind a whole host of other questions. Okay, I can really only think of 1 question: Was there already a guy in the U.S. named Wally that got lost all of the time?