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Endocrine Cowboy

You know how rednecks usually have that worn spot in their jeans from where their can of Skoal sits in the same pocket every day? No? Well here is a picture for those of you city folk unfamiliar with this phenomenon:

Pretty trashy, huh? Yeah, I thought so too, until I was looking through some pictures on Facebook recently and noticed that I have a similar outline in my jeans. Not from smokeless tobacco, or any other hip accessory…no, mine is from an insulin pump. Pretty sweet, huh?

So yeah. The chicks at the chronic disease rodeo are totally going to dig this.

P.S. Yes, I do realize the irony of mocking rednecks in the same post where there’s a picture of me holding a Budweiser thermometer and a giant fish-pillow. It was one of those white elephant gift exchanges, okay? This was actually one of the classier gifts.

Editor’s Note: This is probably the only time men’s asses will be featured in a post here. I hope.

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So I did something really stupid the other day. No, not writing “2009” instead of “2010”…that’s going to be a problem until at least March. Or that time that I responded to myself on Twitter. Granted, those were not my brightest moments, but they’re hardly worthy of a blog post.

Anyway, so we decided to go to a movie on New Year’s Eve (Sherlock Holmes…I recommend it, BTW). Since it was a 7:00 movie and we hadn’t eaten dinner, we just had a snack of cheese and crackers before we left, saving room for popcorn at the movies (the latter being a carb-counting challenge in itself, but not part of today’s blogging agenda). Back to the story. So we’re sitting about an hour into the movie, and I start to feel like someone had replaced my blood with corn syrup. I thought if anything, I had overestimated the dosage for the popcorn, so I couldn’t figure out why my blood sugar would be high. I pulled out my pump to take a quick glance at the CGM reading just to be sure. It was around 200mg/dl if I remember correctly. After placing the pump back in my pocket, I retrieved my meter from my wife’s purse (sure is nice to have someone to lug all of my supplies around!) to double check, as I was on day 7 of that sensor and it hadn’t been doing so well on the latest cycle. After fumbling for a minute in the darkness with the meter and auxilary lighting supply (a.k.a. iPhone), I got confirmation that something was off…309mg/dl off, to be exact. Reaching back into my pocket for the pump, I happened to brush past my infusion site, which felt smaller and sharp-edgier than usual. After a brief pat-down, I realized that there was an important component missing from the aforementioned infusion site…namely, the part with the tubing that supplies that lovely protein that we depend on. Well that makes sense. But when did it become disconnected? Oh, right. I changed pants a couple of hours ago. You know, before we had cheese and crackers. And sweet, buttery popcorn. So it’s been a few hours since I’ve had ANY insulin. No basals, no bolus to cover either of my snacks, nothing. Now comes the hard part…figuring out how much to bolus to bring things back under control. Of course the pump didn’t want to give me anything, considering how much active insulin I had on board (nevermind that it had actively soaked itself into the fibers of my jeans), and I had no idea how much things were going to keep rising. The initial bolus brought things back into a more acceptable range, but it took a few follow-ups to get things just right. Not the end of the world, but still pretty frustrating that I forgot to do something so important.

Some things about diabetes are pretty tough to figure out, even after years of experience. On the other hand, making sure the insulin actually gets into your body, is quite elementary, my dear Thompson.