Endocrine Cowboy

You know how rednecks usually have that worn spot in their jeans from where their can of Skoal sits in the same pocket every day? No? Well here is a picture for those of you city folk unfamiliar with this phenomenon:

Pretty trashy, huh? Yeah, I thought so too, until I was looking through some pictures on Facebook recently and noticed that I have a similar outline in my jeans. Not from smokeless tobacco, or any other hip accessory…no, mine is from an insulin pump. Pretty sweet, huh?

So yeah. The chicks at the chronic disease rodeo are totally going to dig this.

P.S. Yes, I do realize the irony of mocking rednecks in the same post where there’s a picture of me holding a Budweiser thermometer and a giant fish-pillow. It was one of those white elephant gift exchanges, okay? This was actually one of the classier gifts.

Editor’s Note: This is probably the only time men’s asses will be featured in a post here. I hope.

8 comments so far

  1. Cherise on

    LOL!!!! OMG!!!

  2. Karen Hoffman on

    That was AMAZING. I am a) proud I didn’t burst out laughing at work and b) desperately hoping someone starts a chronic disease rodeo.

  3. Kerri. on

    I want to go to the chronic disease rodeo!!!

  4. Major Bedhead on

    There’s a chronic disease rodeo? Well slap my ass and call me Sally! Yee-ha!

  5. Harry on

    It’s going to be a rootin’ tootin’ good time! There’s the donut bolus ropin’ contest for the diabetics, and a balloon blowin’ race for the asthmatics and such. Afterwards, we’ll giddyup on over to the saloon and Miss Kitty will fix you up with a nice whore.

  6. Stacey D. on

    Omg I’m sorry I missed this earlier today! But it’s never too late to get my chronic disease rodeo on lol

  7. Michael Hoskins on

    Outstanding. Simply stunning; hysterically worth reading. I’m glad that I also didn’t read this at work today, after my boss looked at me funny on Tuesday for laughing outloud when reading other D-Blogs at my desk (thanks George and Kerri, mostly!) I’m so with this Chronic Disease Rodeo concept, as long as I can use my pump tubing as a lasso!

  8. Crystal on

    CDR Event coming to a town near you! Rope up ‘dem pumps and swing that tubing around some tickets!

    AWEsome post. Thanks for the giggle, or two.

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