My Biggest Supporter(s)

I have a hard time making decisions. Just ask anyone who’s ever been out to eat with me. First there’s the whole “where do we go?” thing, and once we finally reach a consensus on that, I have to select something from the menu. We’ve all been there. I felt the same way when prompted to choose my biggest diabetes supporter for today’s blog post. Since I couldn’t pick just one, here’s a menu for you to choose from:

  • My lovely wife – whether she likes it or not, she’s always there to hear me complain about living with this disease. Like today, when I returned from my run after a low 2.5 miles in. Sure, she doesn’t actually know that it feels like my brain is attached to my skull with rubber bands with about an inch of air around it, but she knows that I feel bad, and she listens to me as I shove food in my dry, sweaty mouth. And she puts up with all of the test strips, infusion set garbage, and such that I leave around the house. And best of all, as Gary mentioned earlier today, she has a purse to carry my meter when we go out together, which is awesome. Because cargo pants just aren’t always appropriate.
  • My CDE – We’ll call her K. Partially because that’s her first initial, but also to protect the remainder of her identity. I’ve only been seeing her for a couple of years, but she’s one of the most down-to-earth medical professionals I’ve every worked with. K is the one that got me started on the pump, even though she was surprised at how much I had researched before we even met. I had pretty much decided on which pump I wanted before I even saw them in person. But more than just giving me advice and facts, she actually cares about ME…not just Harry Thompson, type 1 patient. She has reached out on my behalf to multiple diabetes equipment reps about employment opportunities, because she knew I wanted something more out of my career. She has introduced me to several people as “her favorite patient”…I’m sure I’m not the only person she’s said that about, but it means a lot knowing that someone else recognizes all of the work I put into managing this disease. I honestly can’t see how anyone could not put the same amount of effort into something so important, but I guess there are people that just don’t care as much.
  • YOU – I know I’m not only person to have said this today, but the DOC is really an amazing group of people. Although I went to diabetes camp when I was younger and met other kids with type 1, there was a good 15 years in my life where I felt like the only person around with this disease. I knew I wasn’t the only one, but I just couldn’t picture real, normal, funny people that were living with it just like me. Like so many others, I have to thank Kerri for opening my eyes to this community, and I’m honored to have met so many awesome people through Twitter, blogs, and other online connections.

I’ll let you guys choose your favorite. I don’t want to be accused of nepotism, but it is worth nothing that since Meredith is “with child”, she really should get double the votes. However, I’m grateful for anyone that read this far, so feel free to vote for yourselves too.

4 comments so far

  1. Jacquie on

    Wonderful post. You are hilarious.

  2. Cherise on

    lMBO! You seriously crack me up!!!!

  3. Lorraine on

    They are all great choices and I am honored to have met you. Thanks for your kindness and for always making me laugh.

  4. Scott K. Johnson on

    Double votes for wifey all around!

    And you know what else? I’m so relieved to know I’m not the only one who has trouble with making decisions… 🙂

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