Let’s get moving

Exercise…love it or hate it? Interesting question, especially for today. To explain why, let me give you a rundown of my afternoon:

Around 2pm, my boss tells me if I’m caught up on everything, I should leave and get an early start on the weekend. Awesome, I think. I’ve got enough time to fit in a bike ride before my sister-in-law (who’s spending the night with us) arrives. So I get home, plot out a nice 24 mile loop, and head out on my way. About 8 miles in, I hear the noise that no cyclist ever wants to hear: psssssssssssshhhhh. FANTASTIC. I LOVE flat tires. I pull over to the side of the road, get out my spare tube, CO2 inflator, and get to work. (Did I mention it was 90˚ outside?) Since this isn’t my first roadside tire change, it actually went pretty smoothly, so I get ready to start riding again, and I look at the pump to see how my blood sugar is doing:

This is not what you want to see when you still have 16 miles to go, and have already used 1 of the 2 PowerBal gels that you brought with you. I ripped open the other gel pack, gulped it down, and started pedaling. A few miles later, I check the pump again, this time it’s at 84, still with a down arrow. Knowing that when it comes to lows, the CGM is usually higher than the actual number, I know I’m in trouble. At this point, I decided to call my wife for a ride home, as I can feel myself running out of juice. No answer. I tried a couple of friends in the area…no answer there either. Well crap. Using the old internal GPS, I routed the shortest, most downhill route home and started back. I finally made it home (and since I had suspended the pump, my blood sugar at least leveled off rather than continuing to drop), but still frustrated that once again, diabetes had foiled a perfectly good workout plan.

I like cycling, running, and other forms of exercise, but I often find it really frustrating how difficult it is to do while managing the whole insulin/food/blood sugar issue. I’ve got the normal after-work routine figured out, but any time I change one variable (time of day, duration of exercise, etc.), I never know what’s going to happen. That’s the part I hate. I don’t want to jump ahead to the “after-cure” post topic, but I often fantasize about being able to just go for a run or bike ride, whenever the mood strikes me. Maybe one of these days…

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  1. talesofmy30s on

    I know that gets my husband every time he starts an exercise plan. Discourages him too much. Sigh..

  2. Lorraine on

    It is indeed much more difficult to be spontaneous about activity than plan it out. Dealing with Caleb’s baseball practices is a little easier than the day to day running around because there is a fixed start and end time to allow for planning. It would be nice to have worry free fun whenever we wanted.

  3. Jacquie on

    Y’all have no idea how wonderful it is to read that other people have the same experiences with exercising. I guess it’s one of those things that I thought just happened to me, because I wasn’t working hard enough at it.

    So yeah, I’m sorry about your day and your ruined bike ride, but at least you’re making me feel a little better!

  4. k2 on

    GREAT POST. I feel your frustration – I’ve often fantasized about being able to leave the house with just my keys and me. No backup larabars, extra batteries, testing or pump supplies.

    Today might have sucked, but you still ROCK~
    Kelly K

  5. Cherise on

    You did have a bad day:( I am sorry! but I agree with K2…you still rock.

  6. Scott K. Johnson on

    Dude, the frustrations we bump into when trying to do any sort of spontaneous exercise are one of the most maddening things ever.

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