Diabetes Snapshots

Hello, friends. Thank goodness today’s post is primarily about pictures, because I’m almost out of words for the week! Since no one really want to see pictures of itchy sensor site rashes, or needle-hole ridden ab shots, I thought I’d share a few noteworthy accessory-related photos.

First of all, I always find it astounding how many supplies I go through in a typical month. Since I try not to do math on the weekends (and also because it’s depressing), I’m not going to add up how much all of this stuff costs, but it really is a lot when you look at a whole 30 days’ supply:

Secondly, I thought I’d share a photo of my most often-used accessory – the pump clip. I don’t use it during the day as the pump normally resides in my left front pants pocket, but I couldn’t sleep or work out without this thing. It’s such a simple little piece of plastic, but without it, my insulin pump would just be a $6,000 pendulum hanging from my body.

Speaking of working out, I always wear my trusty RoadID when I’m away from the house on a run or bike ride. I wore the medic alert necklace for years (in fact, I still have the first one my mom bought for me when I was 12), but I’ve found the RoadID bracelet to be much more comfortable, not to mention more informative, as it has emergency contact numbers for my wife and parents if I were to have an accident. You’d be hard-pressed to fit all of that on the back of a Medic Alert necklace. I also added a little pun at the bottom, which I borrowed from the name of Alexis’s blog (hope you don’t mind!). It makes me smile when I look down at it during a workout, and who knows…maybe it will give the EMTs something to talk about on the ambulance ride someday (hopefully they never have the opportunity, though).

Hope you guys have an awesome weekend!

6 comments so far

  1. Jacquie on

    Very organized arrangement. All of my supplies are in a big ol’ heap.

    • Harry on

      Oh, the cabinet where the supplies are stored is quite disorganized, those were just staged for the photo. đŸ™‚

      And I’m glad I’m not the only person with an excess of reservoirs. I don’t even reuse them, and I still always have a full box when I run out of infusion sets. How does this happen?

  2. Jacquie on

    It’s just like lancets. I really don’t see a good reason to not use them more than once — especially when they cost so much!

    • Harry on

      Totally agree there. I bought a new box of lancets at Target today…I bet it’s been a couple of years since I bought a new box.

  3. Lorraine on

    I love your tile!
    That bracelet is pretty neat too. When Caleb grows out of his silicone ones, I may look into the RoadID. I was able to get all our info engraved on the silicone ones and include his peanut allergy too.

  4. Gary on

    Yeah! Much props to the Road ID. I think of it as a “cool” medic alert bracelet (not that they aren’t cool, just sayin…)

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