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‘Betes in Boston

You know how you ask your friend about their weekend and they tell you about a restaurant they went to, and you’re like “Holy shit that place is still open?!?…I went there years ago and it was okay, but it’s really far out of the way.”? Well that probably happened to you today. Except the friend was Kerri Sparling, and the restaurant was, well, this blog. You see, she was kind enough to mention that we finally met several weeks ago, and linked to my blog so people would know that I’m a real person and not just a sarcastic twitter bot. And then I felt really bad, because Kerri is an awesome blogger (and person, but more on that later), and my blog is in a severe state of disrepair. It’s really hard to believe how long it has been since I posted here. To put it another way, it’s hard to believe everything that has happened since I last posted. I got a new job. We sold our house. We bought a new house. Our daughter turned one. You get the idea. It’s not an excuse, but it’s an explanation. Truthfully, I haven’t been the greatest diabetic in that time either. I haven’t exercised as much as I’d like or should have, and my last A1c was 6.8. Granted that’s not horrible, but it’s the worst I’ve been in several years. I’m really trying to get back on the horse though. Or is it off the wagon? I’m horrible with non-motorized metaphors.

Anyway, back to the “when Harry met Kerri” thing. It’s hard to explain the awesomeness of this community to people that aren’t in it. It’s easy to describe members of the DOC as my ‘internet friends’, but that’s a little too “mom’s basement” for my liking. The internet and social media are what help us get together, but it’s not really what brings us together. As Kerri said, it’s hard to explain, but it makes sense. I’d like to think Kerri and I would be friends if it weren’t for diabetes since as she told me today, I’m a “taller, blonder, more sarcastic her”…but I’m not sure how it would happen. It’s funny that even though diabetes is what initially connected us, we didn’t really talk about it. We talked about things that regular friends talk about, and it was amazing. Kerri is right, we didn’t get a picture…but I’m okay with that. The experience was more fun than I’ve ever had looking at a picture. However, to fill the space in the scrapbooks and time capsules, I’ve put together an artist’s* rendering. As you can see, we’re very classy.

*term used loosely